This "Peerless" has an "old-style" s-handle. Edward vom Hofe used this design with very early reels,- I named it "gothic style",- it is much more common on reels made by Julius vom Hofe.

Well,- for various reasons this reel eventually received another frontplate and a typical "Edward"-handle. It  found a new home in Germany.

      Cardboard box custom made by Peter Schramm, Duisburg    








This reel ( 4 pics right and above ) was presented  by Mark Koscinski at the Somerset Show in 2011 alongside rods made by "Sweetgrass Rods " and maker Olaf Kundrus.    
      "Three-part"-pillars,- column and base are separate.    

It was put to its good use in the Catskills,- October 2013. (Photo: Josh Sabo)


This "Peerless" reel shows "full bands" made of nickelsilver, like it could be had as a special order option with the vom Hofe workshop, usually for the salmon reels only,- it might well be the case that this is the first size one "Peerless" with this feature.

  Leather case made by Olaf  Kundrus

Summer 2013, Austria
Another Peerless with a "fat-style" handle.
My first reel with new style oil-cap and individual serial number  




My first all aluminium raised-pillar Perfection. It has an invisible locking detent,
housed inside the drag adjuster, and locking in at each of the five steps,-therefore it differs from the originals in that I opted  for a little lever "Tobique-style" for operating drag. This heelps to overcome the major flaw in some of the originals, the unwanted eventual shift of drag setting when reeling in line heftily.



Note rounded shoulders of reelfoot,- following round corners of  front- and backplate. 





   Another "Peerless" in size one finished in April 2014. Very dark brownish ebonite and nickelsilver spoolplates and bands.      

    This is my "green" reel I made for my friend Dan Cook in 2011.
Unlike a vom Hofe reel,- it has a one-piece integrated spoolcage made from solid aluminum. Also it has a one-piece spool.  My idea was to mill spoolcage as close as possible to a "die-cast" one, trying to bring out the "pillars" as round as possible.
The clicker mechism is identical with a vom Hofe "Peerless", also fixed brakearm to prevent line overrun. Screws, handle, oil-cap and foot are made from marine brass. Signature is my original "handwriting" using an etching process.
You might check out  Dan`s project:


Here you can download  (with some patience, please) a  folder with some information about my reelmaking which I made for the presentation of my reel at the Somerset show in 2011.